Emotional well-being tips for lockdown 2.0

Emotional well-being tips for lockdown 2.0

Let's be real. There’s a lot to feel bleak about right now. Lockdown 2.0 means limited access to friends and family, no pubs, restaurants, gyms or retail therapy for at least four weeks – and maybe longer. And with family Christmas hanging in the balance, shorter, colder days and dark nights, it’s understandable if you’re finding things especially tough right now. 

Despite this, it’s vital we try and remain hopeful for the future. We have compiled some of our top tips for improving your emotional well-being for lockdown 2.0.


Structure your day

Start the day right and this will set your mood for the day. This may be by making a hot drink, taking a brisk walk and writing your plan of action for the day.

Scroll less

Excessive scrolling on social media can help you to stay occupied and feel as though you're in the know of what others are up to, but too long on there can create anxiety and stress. Remember, most people only share their highlights. Limit your time on your phone and spend more time outside. 

 Get moving
    Whether it’s a hard-core HIIT class or simply walking the dog, exercise boosts endorphins and lifts your mood. Doing exercise will also help you to feel more energised for the day as it gets your heart pumping and stimulate oxygen circulation around your body, resulting in you feeling more awake.

    Learn something new

      Having a new project to focus your attention can be be a great way to add structure and fulfillment to your routine. This doesn't have to be anything huge, it could be learning the basics of a new language, cooking, painting, skipping, anything - just start something!

      Maintain a healthy work/life balance

        The switch to home-working can be hard, so you need to maintain normal working hours, get ready for work as normal, take regular breaks, schedule in a lunch break and be strict with yourself when it's time to switch off. If possible, ensure your workstation is away from your relaxing space.

        Stay in touch with loved ones

          We are so lucky to have the means to speak to someone on the other side of the world at the click of a button. Get some dates in the diary, such as a weekly Zoom with loved ones, and if you can, meet up for a walk nearby. 


          Ultimately, this is a new and uncertain experience for all of us. Be kind with yourself and be kind to others. x

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