How to Shmood Sustainably - 6 ways to re-use glass (and do it gorgeously!)

How to Shmood Sustainably - 6 ways to re-use glass (and do it gorgeously!)

From sustainably-sourced soy wax to biodegradable packing pellets, Shmood prides itself on crafting candles that not only delight people, but the planet too.

As a sustainable shopper, you most likely already know all of this. In fact, alongside the scrummy scents and popping playlists, Shmood’s commitment to minimising impact to the earth is probably one of the reasons you’re here. But acting sustainably isn’t always simple, and there’s always more we can do to play our part in protecting the planet.

Reduce, re-use, re

The debate about which materials are kinder to earth is ongoing, and there are so many factors to consider when trying to design products thoughtfully.

All Shmood products are hand-poured into glasses that can easily be re-used after their first life as a candle or popped into glass recycling where they’ll be melted down and molded into new glass. Unlike plastic, which can only be recycled once or twice, glass is endlessly recyclable - that’s right, Shmood did their homework before making any big decisions.

But did you know there are lots of sustainability considerations to make when producing glass products?

Producing and transporting glass is a resource-heavy process. A lot of sand is required to make new glass and the resource is being used faster than the planet can replenish it. Transporting glass also creates problems; it breaks easily leading to wastage and is heavy meaning it requires more energy to carry it.

However, studies have found that glass is overall a better choice for the environment as long as it is re-used a number of times before being recycled. The Green Alliance research shows a glass bottle should be re-used 15 times for it to become more environmentally friendly than plastic.

At Shmood, lots of thought went into how to make candles that were best for people and planet. The glass in Shmood products can be endlessly recycled, and always will be. But there’s a reason re-use comes before re-cycle in the well-known saying, so if you want to Shmood as sustainably as possible then make sure to reuse your glass as many times as you can!


Here’s some ideas to get you started… 

6 ways to re-use your Shmood

1. Drinking Glass

    This one is obvious, but Shmood glasses really do make amazing sturdy but stylish tumblers for drinks! Especially the core collection glasses; the thick bottomed bases and delicate but sturdy rims are reminiscent of classic whisky tumblers. The best thing about this: as you enjoy new Shmood candles, your collection will grow (and people with matching glasses just seem to have everything right, right?!).

    2. Planter

    How gorgeous does this little cactus look in its new home! Mini succulents or other small plants are ideal for planting in your re-used Shmood glasses.

    3. Handmade beauty scrubs and balms

      The lids on the mini-mason-jar-esque mindfulness collection make them perfect for re-use as beauty pots. Handmade scrubs and lotions are a great way to keep your carbon footprint down, and with so many great recipes available online this is a perfect pairing for planet-loving pampering.

      4. Pet treats

      Whether you’re a cat-carer or a pup-parent, treating your furry family is never a bad idea! Our mindfulness collection jars are perfect for storing bite-size snacks ready to grab the next time you can’t resist those puppy-dog eyes.

      5. Accessories

      Beautify your dressing table by finally organising all those pesky hair ties and make up brushes. Shmood glasses are the ideal size to hold all your beauty essentials without getting in the way. 

      6. Gift jars

        Remember how great you felt when your Shmood arrived in the post? Why not treat your friends or family to a similar feeling by giving your candle a second life as a gift jar! Fill it with the ingredients for cookies or a luxury hot choc and gift it to someone special.

        Now you’ve got some ideas, tag us in any re-use realness pics on Instagram (and the cutest ideas might even get a lil’ discount code!).
        London-based content strategist and writer, Fiona Jones, has a background in Economics and now enjoys writing about all things green. Working in the fintech industry, she has a knack for tech talk, but really loves to get her teeth stuck into anything making positive change – whether that be tech-based, slow fashion or ethical finance.

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