Candle Care

Your new Shmood candle has arrived, you take it out of the box, 'ahhh' out loud at the scent and get it burning. But did you know that there are some simple rules to remember to make sure your candle looks and smells great for longer?

First burn

Let the wax melt close to the edge the first time you burn your candle. This may take up to 4 hours, so make sure you allow for enough time before you light your candle for the first time. This step will help to prevent tunnelling.

Trim your wick

Trim your wick - this is super important! Before each use trim the very end of the candle wick with scissors. It should always look short and upright for the cleanest burn.

Signs your candle needs a trim

Your wick is curling when burning
Your wick has a soot mushroom
Your wick is smoking

The flame is growing too high and flickering excessively

When lighting

When lighting the candle make sure that no wick trimmings or used matches are in the wax, always burn your candle on an even and fire-resistant surface and ensure that it is away from flammable items.

Burn time

      Never burn the candle for longer than 4 hours to prevent overheating. Always burn your candle within sight, away from drafts or direct sunlight and never leave it unattended. Please keep it out of reach of children and pets. 

      Changes in wax

        Natural waxes can be temperamental, especially when exposed to a cold environment. Therefore, you may notice that the wax around your glass settles differently. This does not affect your candle’s performance and is a good sign as it proves that we only use 100% pure soy wax; blends that use harmful paraffin wax and fillers do not do this.

        Bottom of the candle:

          Do not relight the candle when the wax level is below 1cm. Scrape out the wax and make a wax melt! You can reuse the glass as a plant pot, drinking glass or storage jar. 

          If you follow these tips, your candle will last longer and the scent will last all the way to the very bottom.