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“Shmood - used to describe a relatable mood”

In March 2020, my final year of university came to an abrupt end due to lockdown 1.0 and I returned to my family home - cue me filling the house with candles to help me feel more settled, I really became a crazy candle lady. After a while I started to notice I was getting headaches and coughing a lot more than usual - after a quick Google search, it was soon evident why.

Many candles use paraffin wax, artificial fragrances and bleached wicks to make them cheaper and easier to produce. These chemicals can be extremely damaging to our health over long periods of time. This really shocked me, I couldn’t believe that companies were allowed to sell these products knowing what is in them. So I began to make my own. After weeks of testing, designing and making, I finally created a range that is not only affordable but clean-burning, hand-made and free from all those nasty chemicals.

Fast forward to July and I launched Shmood - we sold out of everything in just 4 hours. It was incredible! Shmood candles are hand-poured by myself and are 100% natural made using sustainably sourced soy wax, pure essential oils and non-bleached cotton wicks. Being vegan, cruelty-free and plastic-free is core to the ethos of Shmood as great candles should never cost the earth - everything can be recycled or reused! My studio also runs on renewable energy which is pretty awesome!

So what else makes Shmood candles unique? Well, each scent comes with its own Spotify playlist which you can scan straight from the label on the jar - there’s something about music and candles that just creates the perfect set up. We’re also super proud to donate 50p from every candle sold to Mind charity and have now raised almost £700!

Thank you for choosing Shmood.
- Sophie x

Get in touch with us at info@shmood.co.uk or on socials @shmood_candles