Minimising waste, supporting UK suppliers and being plastic free is something that I value so highly and I try to reflect it within every element that makes up Shmood. Our candles and packing are zero-waste as every element can either be recycled or will naturally biodegrade fully! This leaves me feeling pretty good knowing that Shmood isn’t damaging or harming the earth. 


Sustainably-sourced soy wax

There has been some bad press around the use of soy wax as it can be unethically harvested. We use Kerasoy which is sourced from North America and Brazil from purely ethical and non-genetically modified sources. A full supply chain audit has been carried out and only ethical suppliers have been chosen that do not contribute to de-forestation.


 Glass packaging

All of our products at Shmood are poured into glasses which can easily be washed and re-used once they have finished their first life. If you choose not to re-use your candle glass, simply pop into into the glass recycling and it will be melted down and moulded into a new glass! Glass is endlessly recyclable, unlike plastic which can only be recycled once or twice.  


Biodegradable packing pellets 

Each little packing pellet that protects your candles in the post is made from cornstarch and completely dissolves in water – it’s like magic! We use these instead of Styrofoam, as research has shown that one single piece of Styrofoam in landfill takes around 500 years to break down! 


Kraft boxes and tape

All our candles are sent to you in brown kraft boxes made from recycled paper pulp. You won't find any of that horrible brown plastic stuff either. Instead, our packaging tape is made by a U.K supplier using Kraft paper and natural gum adhesive – it is vegan and FSC certified! This tape can be fully recycled with your cardboard waste.  


Paper notes

All of our thank you notes and paper goods are made using recycled materials. Our labels are made from recycled paper and printed using vegan inks that compost readily. We also purchase all of these from UK based suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint. 


If you have any recommendations on how we can be even more planet-friendly then please get in touch